Chairman’s Update – April 2024

Hi and welcome to the 1st Earlestown Cricket Club’s Chairman’s report of the 2024 season. I’m Will Derrick, and I am both honoured and proud to have been elected as chairman of this amazing cricket club.

I believe both on and off the field, this could be one of our most successful seasons ever. I think the phrase “Up the ETown” will have to change to “Etown, on the up”.

Our season so far:

The Bad Bits

  1. Vandalism to our beloved car. 
  2. A massive water leak, damaging our pavilion.
  3. Broken down essential machinery. 
  4. The appalling weather, causing a delay of at least 1 week to the start of our league fixtures.
  5. 3 players hospitalised (Wow, we haven’t started playing yet).

The Good Bits

Despite this Tsunami of events, our amazing Earlestown Cricket Club and our club members and the local community has reacted. Many thanks to all of you for your help.

  1. Our vandalised vehicle, used to record the “Mo Show”, an alternative vehicle has been sourced (watch this space for future episodes).
  2. The water leak in our pavilion. Massive efforts have resulted in this being repaired and  inside the pavilion looking the best it has in a long while.
  3. Repair work needed to vital machinery, has been completed, with help from several of our amazing local businesses.
  4. The appalling weather. Despite this, through the efforts of the “The Grounds Team” and supporters, the pitch is slowly returning to it’s former glorious condition.
  5. The 3 hospitalised players are all recovering, and I hope you’ll join me in wishing them all speedy recoveries, as we will need them ASAP. 

Club News

Allstars/Dynamos Cricket coaching starts 29/04/24, between 6PM and 7PM, Sign up at

We have our “in house” world beating Web Development Team, who have put an amazing Web Site together Check out our “How to Sponsor” Page and contact the club if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor. Our improved Multi Media presence is helping to improve our sponsorship in many areas. If you are interested in sponsoring ECC in any of the following areas:  Club, any of our 4 Teams, Individual Players, Individual Matches, and Individual Match Balls. I think you’ll be surprised, as to the diversity of our current sponsors.  We have sponsors who have a Local, Regional and National presence.

Any help, at any time, is always appreciated, Even if it’s just to do a bit of litter picking (many thanks Dave). So if you’ve ever got a spare hour or two, just pop in. Remember: Genuinely we’re here for you too. If the shutters are up, we’re in, the kettle is always on, even if you just want a chat, company or just something to do.

Our amazing Club has raised Thousands for MNDA. We have regular Food Bank collections, We work in conjunction with MIND.

Thank you all for your support, and hopefully, next month I’ll be able to provide information on our on field activities.

Thank you for reading.

Will Derrick.

Chairman, Earlestown Cricket Club